Water bills and parking tickets can now be paid online, for a price

Feb. 23, 2011

Wauwatosa water bills and parking ticket payments can now be made online, but users will have to spend a little extra money for the convenience.

The city is working with outside firms to process payments made via the city website, Wauwatosa.net. By using a credit card, people can pay their bill at any time from their home computer.

"It's just another means of taking care of your bill, without having to come to City Hall," City Administrator James Archambo said.

He only expects to see 1 to 3 percent of payments for water bills come through the web because there will be a fee for the service. The city does not make any money as it can only charge the rate approved by the Public Service Commission. The processing company charges 2.6 percent of the amount paid, or a minimum of $3.95.

Any water bill paid prior to midnight of the due date will be considered on time, and bills will register as paid within three days.

As for parking tickets, a $3.50 convenience fee will be charged and bills will immediately be registered as paid. People worried about license suspensions or warrants due to mounting, outstanding tickets and those who live outside Wauwatosa and find it difficult to come back to pay tickets may make the online service popular.

Anyone making online payments should print and save receipts, city officials said. An e-mail will be sent to verify the transaction.

In-person and mail payments are still being accepted for water and parking payments.

Archambo expects the city will start accepting online property tax payments late this year.

The city also is investigating how to accept forms and payments for a number of permits and licenses.

"We're interested in finding every way we can to become more user-friendly," he said.


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