Two students arrested for East locker room thefts

April 19, 2011

Cell phones, cameras, MP3 players and even a pair of shoes - all stolen from the girls locker room at Wauwatosa East High School since late March - were found in the possession of two students who told police they planned to sell the goods and split the cash, according to a Wauwatosa police report.

A 17-year-old Milwaukee girl and a 16-year-old Wauwatosa girl were arrested for the thefts April 12, after another student discovered items were missing from her backpack, which had been left in the locker room. Others had seen the duo in the locker room even though they weren't enrolled in gym class during that period, the report states. The girls were then seen heading to a car in the parking lot shortly afterward.

Also according to the report:

A search of the older girl's bag turned up the MP3 player that had gone missing that day. Officers then decided to search her vehicle, but she hid her keys in a restroom and pretended they were lost. Eventually, four phones, a camera, another MP3 player and the shoes were recovered from the car.

Officers wanted to search her home, but the girl's mother said she would take care of it. That turned up two more cameras and three more cell phones. The girl had used many of the items to text, call, take pictures and make videos.

The younger girl also had a cell phone and MP3 player that didn't belong to her. In addition, she was arrested for forgery because she had five counterfeit $20 bills that she said she had made on a copier.

They told officers they planned to sell the items, which have a replacement value of $2,600, and split the money.

The items have been returned to their rightful owners.


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