Boy, 17, faces incest charges

May 25, 2011


A 17-year-old boy has been charged with four counts of sexual assault and four counts of incest after his niece said he raped her on numerous occasions during a two-year-period.

According to a Wauwatosa Police Department report:

The boy, who was charged as an adult, was arrested May at his father's home in May 11in Cook County, Ill., for allegedly forcing himself on his 11-year-old niece while he lived in her Wauwatosa home from December 2008 to August 2010. A second niece, this one 10-year-old, said she was raped by him while visiting Wauwatosa and at her Illinois home.

The girl said the violence started after her grandmother died and the family was gathered at her home. Her uncle was supposed to entertain the children and he allegedly told her and her cousins to take turns hiding under a blanket with him. She recounted times afterward when parents weren't home that he would corner her and expose himself, touch her sexually or force her to have sex. She recalled specific incidents such as the day before her birthday, when he called the rape his present to her.

She estimated that she was assaulted nearly every day of 2010 until he was sent to live with his father.

She was 9 when the rapes started and said her uncle repeatedly told her that no one believe her if she told. Later, he threatened to kill her - punching her in the chest - and the rest of the family if she spoke of the incidents.

After her grades dropped and she became depressed, the girl eventually told a friend, who convinced her to tell Wauwatosa school officials. She has had a medical exam that shows she had contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

Her mother and aunt said they didn't know of any sexual activity, but they said their brother had been violent with other family members and the accusations seemed to fit with the girl's behavior. She had taken to locking her door at night, and more than one time they found the boy pounded on her wall trying to get her to let him in, they said.

The boy allegedly told police he was high on marijuana during the first rape and stole and drank alcohol before a subsequent assault. He didn't believe the sex was rape because the girls had not said 'no.' He said he had stopped having sex with his nieces because he has a girlfriend and she's pregnant.

He is in Milwaukee County Jail awaiting a hearing Thursday.


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