Teen's beating caught on video, posted online

Aug. 30, 2011

Police are investigating a video posted on the Internet that shows a Wauwatosa boy being beaten in a school playground by two Milwaukee boys as others watch.

Two brothers, ages 13 and 14, are suspected of beating the 15-year-old Wauwatosa boy on the Lincoln Elementary School playground, 1741 Wauwatosa Ave., June 25, police said.

According to Wauwatosa police reports:

The 15-year-old boy said the altercation began weeks prior to the June 25 assault when he saw the 13-year-old boy hit a girl in the Village.

He said he stood between the 13-year-old and the girl until she was able to run away, but the boy promised the 15-year-old that he would get his older brother to beat him up.

On June 25, the 15-year-old went to the Village for pizza and ice cream with a friend. Afterward they went to Lincoln School, where the altercation unfolded.

The Wauwatosa boy said the 13-year-old quickly recognized him from their previous contact and he was suddenly surrounded by about eight boys he didn't know.

The video shows the 14-year-old grab the 15-year-old by the shirt and encourage the 13-year-old to punch him in the face after the 15-year-old refused to fight.

The 13-year-old obliged, but the 14-year-old encouraged him to punch him again because he hadn't landed three initial blows hard enough.

Then, the 14-year-old punched the 15-year-old in the lip and kneed him in the face when he bent over to protect himself.

He eventually broke away and ran across the playground with the boys giving chase.

The video ends when an unidentified adult, who was possibly trying to quell the attack, yells at the boys.

Four stitches were needed to mend the 15-year-old's lip. An emergency room attendant said there would be permanent disfigurement.

The 15-year-old had told his parents he injured his lip in a fall.

Officials from Wauwatosa East and Wauwatosa West high schools identified the boys in the video.

Wauwatosa police said Tuesday morning that no arrests had been made and investigation continues.


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