Donegan apologizes for campaign literature error

Jan. 30, 2012

Mayoral candidate Peter Donegan handed out campaign literature that failed to identify his campaign committee as the funding source, a disclosure required by law.

Donegan, who also serves as an alderman on the Common Council, said he changed campaign material as soon as he became aware of the error. New brochures and letters have been printed and stickers including the statement were applied to the initial batch of campaign materials, he said. No campaign signs had been printed.

"I apologize for the error and want to assure everyone that it was clerical and not an indication of ignorance or disdain for the law," Donegan said.

He said he and his committee reviewed the material and proper language had initially been included on all campaign literature. However, during "multiple edits" an omission was made.

The law requires that every communication - print, television and radio ads, billboards, handbills, sample ballots, T-shirts, bumper stickers and yard signs, for example - include a disclaimer identifying the funding source, City Clerk Carla Ledesma said.

She hasn't received any complaints about campaign material violations and said her election handbook doesn't include information about any applicable penalties.


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