City OKs Firefly's outdoor seating after the fact

Aug. 7, 2012

Firefly Urban Bar & Grill was flying without a license when it expanded onto the sidewalk in front of the restaurant at 7754 Harwood Ave.

"We saw it about three weeks ago," Wauwatosa City Attorney Alan Kesner said.

The Common Council got that straightened out Tuesday, putting in place an encroachment agreement that allows the outdoor seating with certain stipulations, including allowing four feet of public right of way, installing a border or fixture indicating the boundaries of the encroachment space, and "that no rugs be placed on the ground," according to the resolution.

"I think it'll make a nice addition for the Firefly," said Mayor Kathy Ehley. Most of its competitors already have outdoor seating.

Kesner said the outdoor expansion was reported to the city, and the city approached the restaurant to make it legal. He said the Firefly would need to apply for a license to serve liquor in the outdoor space.


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