Wauwatosa formula restaurant ban along North Avenue still being studied

April 9, 2013

The proposal to ban formula restaurants in the East Town neighborhood on North Avenue is still under staff consideration, said Alderman Joel Tilleson, who introduced the plan.

His proposal defines a formula restaurant as a business that has 11 or more outlets, and has at least two of these characteristics: a standardized menu, a standardized façade, a standardized décor and color scheme, uniforms, standardized signage and a trademark or service mark.

At this week's Plan Commission meeting, City Planner Tammy Szudy and Mayor Kathy Ehley said the discussion surrounding the proposal had become a more general one, and city administrators are exploring options that are broader than a simple ban on formula restaurants, such as making the issue a matter of design standards, or some kind of good neighbor agreement that would protect the character of the commercial district, from 60th Street to Wauwatosa Avenue along North Avenue.

Tilleson said the formula restaurant ban as he proposed it is still on the table, but that exploring options is appropriate.

Szudy said it will be months before any proposal will be ready for Common Council consideration.


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