Homeowner woke to pounding on window, Wauwatosa Police say

Published on: 7/30/2013

A homeowner in the 3000 block of North 121st Street woke up to a terrifying sight and sound: A man was outside of his bushes, pounding on his window.

According to the Wauwatosa police report:

The homeowner went out to stop the man while simultaneously calling the police. He found the man wandering the street, walking up driveways and searching garbage cans.

When officers found him, the man had a gas can with him and a three-foot-long tube officers believe was used for siphoning gas. He told officers he was trying to get to a gas station that was closed at the time and in a different direction from where his truck was parked.

Officers asked him what the tube was for and he said he had it 'in case any of his friends would like to help him.' At his truck, officers noticed he had a marijuana pipe on the center console. They searched the truck, finding two more marijuana pipes, screens for crack pipes and .35 grams of marijuana on him. He was arrested for drug possession.

At the station, the man denied going up to anyone's window but did say he was rummaging around dumpsters for scrap metal.