Forest Exploration Center executive director departs

Published on: 7/31/2013

John Gee, executive director and the driving force behind the Forest Exploration Center, has left the position, he said in an email this week.

Gee has worked toward the establishment of a school located in the historic Eschweiler buildings at Innovation Campus for a couple of years.

'John had come on board with us with the understanding that he was going to move on within a couple of years,' said Peggy Rosenzweig, a member of the FEC board of directors. 'And his contract really came to an end at the end of June, and in our negotiations to get a renewed contract, he was kind of loath to enter into anything that would meet the board's recommendations.'

The board was looking for a longer time commitment than Gee was willing to accept, she said.

'It just came to an amiable agreement that this wasn't going to be the time, and we were going to move on since we were entering a new form of negotiations with the city and the School Board.'

The Wauwatosa School District has been in discussions with the FEC school to determine a role for it at Innovation Campus.

Rosenzweig said Gee had been working under contract with the board for two years.

Gee, 65, had other things he wanted to do, she said.

She said the board will meet Monday to discuss interim leadership and a search for a new director.

Rosenzweig said the plans for the center and the school were continuing and a summer school program would be held this month.

'We're moving full-speed ahead with the charter school initiative,' said Tom Luljak, an FEC board member.

Gee did not immediately respond to requests for additional comment.