Refuse bins in snowbanks won't be emptied

Feb. 26, 2010

Wauwatosa garbage collection crews will stop emptying residents' refuse carts if they are not placed properly at the curb, but residents will get a warning first. Pulling garbage carts from snow banks has caused injuries to Public Works Department employees, according to a memo from City Administrator James Archambo.

City ordinance states that for curbside or alley pickups, refuse carts should be placed between the sidewalk and curb as near to the street curb or edge of the alley as practical. Placement on or as close as possible to drive approaches is preferred, and containers must be stored in a clear area, free of snow and ice accumulation in winter months.

If a cart is improperly placed, collectors will tag it after it is emptied, which serves as the warning notice. Garbage in carts that continue to be placed improperly will not be collected and the resident will be contacted by a Public Works supervisor.


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