Public Works Department already planning for snow

May 17, 2010

As most people are finally getting to experience the warm spring weather, the city staff has been busy planning for the 2010-11 snow season.

On Friday, Public Works Director William Kappel had to put in an order for 4,000 tons of road salt as part of a larger order that is submitted by the state Department of Transportation.

That number is a pretty typical seasonal fill order, he said. However, in prior years an early fill order has been needed to handle early snowfalls and replenish the stock depleted by the previous winter's heavy snowfalls.

This year's winter ended in February and snow accumulations were below average.

"We have enough in our dome to probably get us through the end of the year," Kappel said. "This means it is the first time in four years the department has not requested some contingency funds to purchase salt."

If more road salt is needed, the city has the option to order up to another 1,000 tons.

The price will be determined during the bid process, but Kappel hopes it won't increase too much over this year's $54 per ton since "there is a glut of road salt left over."


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