Playground welcomed back to Hart Park

May 25, 2012 9:54 a.m. | Denise Manthey and her daughter Annika have already visited the Hart Park playground five times and it has been open only two days.

"The hour after the construction fence came down, we were here," she said.

At 1 1/2 , Annika is fearless, taking on the slide in the area for younger children, as well as the steeper slides included in the play equipment for ages 5 to 12.

Manthey and her children - she also has a second-grader who was in school Thursday afternoon - have eagerly awaited the playground opening. They live only two blocks from Hart Park and plan to spend a lot of time on the playground this summer, especially when the splash pad opens.

Manthey recalls the old play equipment farther west in the park that was removed years ago to allow for a flood mitigation project. Her older children, now 12 and 14, played there for a few years before it came down.

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State's first Art of Shaving to open at Mayfair

May 25, 2012 9:46 a.m. | So maybe a salon is too girlie for the guys. Men can find their own sanctuary at new shop coming to Mayfair this summer.

The Art of Shaving will open its first Wisconsin location at the Wauwatosa mall in July bringing high-end men's shaving products and a "barber spa" where a master barber will provide a professional shave.

The shop also offers haircuts and head shaves and beard and mustache trims. The signature services, a hair cut and 45-minute "Royal Shave," a sort of men's facial, costs $80.

Letting customer's know it's definitely a boy's club, the loyalty program is called "The Brotherhood."

Materials from East Tosa home salvaged for Habitat store

May 25, 2012 9:24 a.m. | New stainless steel appliances, light fixtures with the tags still on them and a beautifully etched glass pantry door - sounds like the selling points for an East Tosa home that was recently remodeled and put on the market. Instead, it's some of the list of items Habitat for Humanity has removed from a home just off 69th Street and North Avenue and taken to its ReStore to resell.

The house has been purchased by the city and will be razed to make room for more off-street parking to serve the commercial district.

It will be several months before the two-story home is demolished, said Joseph Kroll, special projects engineer for the city. All utilities need to be disconnected and there needs to be some environmental testing because of the neighboring Voline auto service station, he said.

Meanwhile, the Police and Fire departments have been taken advantage of the empty house.

Officers already worked on searching for suspects and clearing rooms in the case of a tactical situation. In a couple of weeks the Fire Department will work with new recruits on search and rescue and ladder skills at the house.

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Church donation drive doesn't add up for police

May 23, 2012 1:48 p.m. | A man who was arrested for soliciting donations without a permit in January has again knocked on some doors in Wauwatosa, seeking donations for a church with an uncertain background.

According to a Wauwatosa Police Department report, the 61-year-old Milwaukee man was asking for money in the 100 block of North 86th Street to support Milwaukee Restoration Church at 7:37 p.m. May 11.

When confronted by police, the man acknowledged his prior arrest but said the head of the church, a 50-year-old Milwaukee man, had gotten permission from an employee at City Hall to solicit in Wauwatosa. He estimated he took in $1,000 per day.

He told police that his supervisor had driven him to Tosa and was working on his vehicle in the 500 block of Pleasant View Street. He, too, said he had gotten approval to solicit within the city but didn't have a permit.

Police discovered the church doesn't have a parent organization or higher church and it isn't listed as a nonprofit organization with the IRS. When questioned by police, the head of Milwaukee Restoration Church couldn't remember when he had been ordained as a pastor.

Wendy's and Toppers plan to move in

May 23, 2012 12:42 p.m. | Two national fast food franchises will soon open restaurants in Wauwatosa.

Wendy's will hold its grand opening May 29 at 3140 N. 124th St., filling the vacancy left by Steak 'n Shake. It will provide jobs to more than 50 people.

In addition to the usual hamburgers, baked potatoes and Frosty shakes, this Wendy's location will allow diners to have their choice of more than 100 beverage options thanks to the Coca-Cola Freestyle technology. Likened to a modern soda fountain, users can add flavors to blend their sodas - making such concoctions as Raspberry Coke or Grape Sprite, for instance.

Meanwhile, Toppers Pizza came before the city's Design Review Board last week to talk about moving into the PNC Bank storefront at 68th and State streets. The bank is building a larger facility down the street.

More than $200,000 in thefts reported from Wauwatosa construction site

May 23, 2012 11:58 a.m. | Tools valued at nearly $10,000 were taken from a storage container that belonged to a contractor replacing the natural gas pipeline along Mayfair Road.

According to the Wauwatosa police report:

The locked container in the 3000 block of North 112th Street was broken into between May 1 and May 14.

The theft follows others in the area, including the theft of $200,000 in steel pipes from the same lot in late April.

Police are watching to see if the items are sold as scrap metal.

Mother cited for kids' frequent truancy

May 23, 2012 11:20 a.m. | A Wauwatosa mom is looking at a ticket for contributing to the habitual truancy of her two children.

According to a police report:

Her 16-year-old son had missed numerous days of school at Wauwatosa West High School. Cognitively disabled, he struggles with school work when he doesn't attend class consistently.

His mother regularly called in medical excuses from vomiting to fevers. However, the boy said he wasn't sick and liked school.

A check of his 13-year-old sister's attendance at Whitman Middle School showed she had 53 unexcused absences.

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Pinelawn to observe Memorial Day

May 23, 2012 11:14 a.m. | The Southeast Wisconsin Young Marines are working with a local cemetery to pay tribute to veterans on Saturday.

A "Field of Honor" will be created at Pinelawn Memorial Park, 10700 W. Capitol Drive, starting at 1 p.m., to honor all the fallen heroes who have died since Sept. 11 in the war against Iraq and Afghanistan. Crosses will be personalized with the name of each serviceman and servicewoman.

The Young Marines is an education and service program for kids age 8 through high school age.

In addition, volunteers from the community are asked to join the cemetery staff in placing flags for all veterans laid to rest there, beginning at 9 a.m.

Arrested for drunken driving, man then accused of trying to burn cell mattress

May 23, 2012 11:08 a.m. | A 25-year-old Milwaukee man was charged in Milwaukee County Circuit Court with misdemeanor vandalism May 15 after he tried to set fire to a cell mattress at the Wauwatosa Police Department.

According to the Wauwatosa police report:

Anthony Wal was arrested for drunken driving after making a wrong turn in the 300 block of North 68th Street at 2:24 a.m. May 13. He was taken to the hospital to have blood drawn so his blood-alcohol content could be determined. He repeatedly berated officers as well as a nurse at the hospital.

He continued to act disorderly so he was placed in a prisoner cell to sober up. Dispatchers watching Wal on television screens saw him use a lighter to try to burn a mattress at 5:10 a.m. May 13.

Teens arrested after string of vandalism acts

May 23, 2012 11:04 a.m. | Two 14-year-old boys were arrested for disorderly conduct following numerous incidents of vandalism and unruly behavior in their neighborhood.

According to the Wauwatosa police report:

Residents in the 7300 block of Wellauer Drive complained of eggings, garbage cans being overturned, garbage cans being put atop vehicles, cars being scratched and landscape lights being smashed in the weeks prior to May 11.

Two neighbors estimate that nearly $3,000 damage was done to their property.

Alleged robbers armed with crutch and rod force way into home

May 23, 2012 11:00 a.m. | A couple was arrested for armed robbery after they reportedly forced their way into a home in the 4000 block of North 100th Street in Wauwatosa last week.

It was the couple's tools of choice allegedly used in the robbery - a closet hanging rod, a metal crutch, a brick and a claw hammer - that made the incident so unusual.

According to a Wauwatosa Police Department report:

The man who lived at the home called police to alert them people were trying to rob his girlfriend at 12:32 a.m. May 17.

He said a 23-year-old Milwaukee man known "as the neighborhood drug dealer," accompanied by a 23-year-old Milwaukee woman, showed up at the house yelling that he owed them money.

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Neighbor tracks car thief suspect until police arrive

May 23, 2012 10:38 a.m. | An 18-year-old Milwaukee man is facing vehicle theft and bail-jumping charges following a crash in front of a Derby Avenue residence in Wauwatosa last week.

Brandon I. Smith was apprehended by police early evening on May 17 after a neighbor, who witnessed an earlier crash involving another stolen vehicle, drove his own car to track the suspect and two other teens until police arrived.

According to Wauwatosa police:

The neighbor heard a crash and saw a Plymouth Acclaim burst through a fence, then strike a Ford Explorer in the 4700 block of North 100th Street. The driver and passenger abandoned the Plymouth - later found to be stolen from Milwaukee - and jumped into a Chrysler Concorde, also later identified as a stolen vehicle and allegedly driven by Smith.

The neighbor, driving his own car, followed the teens to nearby Madison Park. When he exited his vehicle to talk to them, they drove off, so he again got in his car to pursue the Chrysler until it jumped the curb in the 10900 block of West Derby Avenue at 6:45 p.m.

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Holiday party ends with sister ramming sibling's car

May 23, 2012 8:21 a.m. | So much for sisterly love.

A 31-year-old Waukesha woman was arrested for recklessly endangering the safety of not only her four children but also her sister, niece and nephew after she rammed her sibling's vehicle three times.

According to a Wauwatosa Police Department report:

The sisters had attended a Mother's Day family barbecue May 13 at Madison Park, 9800 Glendale Ave., where they quarreled about topics from the cake to money. By the end of the party, family members had to separate the ladies, who had started pushing each other.

Still unhappy with each other, the women took their children to their respective sports-utility vehicles to leave at about 8 p.m.

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Meeting will discuss details of Tosa's Meinecke flood project

May 22, 2012 7:02 a.m. | Wauwatosa residents who have questions about the Meinecke Avenue flood mitigation project will have an opportunity to learn about the plan and potential impacts on the neighborhood during a public information meeting June 4.

The meeting comes in response to a block of homeowners who didn't receive special assessments notices alerting them of the project as well as resident who did get notice but thought the project was simply a street repaving.

Resident Christine Riley had circulated a petition for an evening public information meeting scheduled two weeks out so neighbors could make plans to attend. Additional signatures continue to come in, she said today.

She credits the city with putting project information online at, under the Hot Topics section, and sending meeting notices to about 600 homes.

However, she remains concerned that the schedule to approve the contract bids doesn't give residents much time to digest the information and lobby city officials with their opinions. The Common Council is expected to vote on awarding the construction contract the following night, June 5.

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City sets priorities in community health improvement

May 21, 2012 6:06 p.m. | Now that its community health assessment is complete, the Health Department has identified seven areas identified for improvement.

Those areas are: alcohol/other drug abuse, safety/injury prevention, mental health, physical activity/nutrition, environmental health/healthy homes, child development and communicable disease.

The department is looking to residents to review a plan draft online and provide feedback by May 31 at

The next step is to create a Community Health Improvement Program, which will come up with goals and strategies to improve those priority areas.

Wendy's and Toppers plan to move in

May 21, 2012 2:24 p.m. | Two national fast food franchises will soon open restaurants in Wauwatosa.

Wendy's will hold its grand opening May 29 at 3140 N. 124th St., filling the vacancy left by Steak 'n Shake. It will provide jobs to more than 50 people.

In addition to the usual hamburgers, baked potatoes and Frosty shakes, this Wendy's location will allow diners to have their choice of more than 100 beverage options thanks to the Coca-Cola Freestyle technology. Likened to a modern soda fountain, users can add flavors to blend their sodas - making such concoctions as Raspberry Coke or Grape Sprite, for instance.

Meanwhile, Toppers Pizza came before the city's Design Review Board last week to talk about moving into the PNC Bank storefront at 68th and State streets. The bank is building a larger facility down the street.

City begins process of revamping sewer laterals

May 21, 2012 11:30 a.m. | With nearly all the property owners along 65th and Eagle streets in East Tosa signing waivers, the city is prepping to reline private sewer laterals in areas where leaks have been detected.

The Common Council on Tuesday awarded a contract for the $1 million project, which covers relining and testing laterals connected to nearly 125 homes on 65th Street between North Avenue and Clarke Street and on Eagle between 80th Street and Wauwatosa Avenue.

Work could begin in June and continue through the fall with a report of the results coming in early 2013, said Public Works Director Bill Porter.

The project is a pilot program that should help determine the effectiveness of relining private sewer laterals, which account for about 75 percent of the water leaking into the sanitary sewer system and contributing to overflows and basement backups.

This area was chosen for the trial because the amount of water entering the system following heavy rain violates Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District standards. A $500,000 MMSD grant is helping to pay for the tests.

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