Second round of Pigskin Picks high school football contest begins tonight

Oct. 26, 2012 1:10 p.m. | The second round of the WIAA high school football playoffs begins tonight and you can sign up and test your football predicting skills against local celebrities and sportswriters in MyCommunityNOW's Pigskin Picks playoff contest.

Weekly winners will receive a pair of movie passes to Marcus Theatres. Grand prizes at the end of the playoffs are Bartolotta Restaurants gift cards worth $100, $50 and $25.

Featured games this week are: Germantown vs. Arrowhead, Cedarburg vs. Homestead, Brookfield Central vs. Whitefish Bay, Watertown vs. Waukesha West and Catholic Memorial vs. Pewaukee.

Andy Collins of Mequon was last week's winner as he picked all five games correctly and came the closest to predicting the final score of the Messmer/Shorewood vs. Whitefish Bay game.

Join MyCommunityNOW's Pigskin Picks playoff contest here.

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Telephone service back up after multistate failure

Oct. 24, 2012 5:22 p.m. | Telephone service has been restored to all Windstream Communications customers in Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana, the company announced Wednesday.

All repairs were completed by 3:30 p.m. CDT, company spokeswoman Erin Ascione said.

Telephone service at the Shorewood School District, the Wauwatosa School District and city of Wauwatosa city hall had been affected by the failure, which began around 7 a.m.

 The service problems were described as an unusual convergence of events by Windstream Communications on Wednesday that caused telephone service to go down to many businesses, government agencies, and commercial phone users in the three states.

Windstream provides voice and data services to many customers in the three states. The company had at the same time a computer card failure and two separate fiber cable cuts, said Ascione, a spokeswoman for Windstream, which has its headquarters in Little Rock, Ark.

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Stolen truck set ablaze at Currie Park Golf Course

Oct. 24, 2012 1:18 p.m. | The smoldering wreckage of a stolen truck is not par for most golf courses, but it was for Currie Park Golf Course last week.

According to the Wauwatosa Police Report:

The wreckage was found on the 15th fairway at 6:02 a.m. Thursday with deep ruts around it, signaling that the suspects had taken the truck for a joyride before eventually setting it on fire. The truck also had a can of gasoline in its rear bed, leading police to believe that the suspects used the gas to ignite the vehicle.

Police called the owner of the vehicle, who told them it was a work truck for Sirrah Construction in Milwaukee and that he didn't know it had been stolen. He added that he does not suspect any employee was involved.

The truck was worth $8,000. There are no suspects at this time.

Alleged bedding thief lays out crime

Oct. 24, 2012 11:38 a.m. | Police say an alleged bedding thief did not catching Target employees sleeping on the job.

According to the Wauwatosa police report;

Target employees noticed a 60-year-old Milwaukee man Oct. 18 running a cart through the bedding section of the store, 3900 N. 124th St., at 5:06 p.m, hastily throwing in items. The man then tried to run his cart past security staff, which were waiting by the door and stopped him.

The suspect came quietly, saying he had intended to sell the items on the street for $10 per package. He said that the items sell fast and that he "knew how to sell them."

The suspect has 14 prior charges of retail theft and has been caught for stealing bedding in the past. The total value of stolen items is $420.

Wauwatosa police say burglar shot door to open room

Oct. 24, 2012 9:22 a.m. | A burglar or burglars at a Wauwatosa home kicked open a back door and used a handgun to shoot open an interior door during an incident last week.

According to the Wauwatosa police report:

A rear door of a home in the 10000 block of West Park Ridge Avenue was kicked in and a television taken between 6 p.m. Oct. 16 and 12:10 p.m. Oct. 18.

The homeowner and police went through the house, noticing multiple drawers pulled out and belongings rummaged through. Closets had been ransacked, costume jewelry was strewn about and every room had been gone through.

When the homeowner and police got to a side room, they noticed two bullet holes in the door. Police also found two .22 caliber shells on the ground. The suspects had apparently shot the door twice to gain entrance. The television inside the room was taken.

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Noting taken in two Tosa home break-ins.

Oct. 23, 2012 4:42 p.m. | Two homes were the subject of burglaries this past week, even though nothing of value was stolen.

According to the Wauwatosa police report:

A home on the 2600 block of North 64th Street and a home on the 1200 block of West Hadley Street were broken into before 9 p.m. Oct. 16.

One home had its front door kicked in while no one was home. After a search of the property, the homeowner concluded the burglars must have fled before taking any items.

The home on Hadley was unlocked and thieves entered through a rear door in the basement. The homeowners had left their son in the house while they attended parent-teacher conferences. The homeowners assumed that their house must have been watched by the burglars, who were scared off when they heard their son upstairs.

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Looking for local trick-or-treat times?

Oct. 23, 2012 11:11 a.m. | Halloween is right around the corner and you can find a list of local trick-or-treat times on MyCommunityNOW's special trick-or-treat page.

$3,600 in electronics taken from vehicles in Wauwatosa Radisson Hotel parking lot

Oct. 23, 2012 8:20 a.m. | Police say two car owners not only got their vehicle windows smashed while staying at the Radisson, but also lost thousands in electronics.

According to the Wauwatosa police report:

Two car windows were broken out in the Radisson Hotel parking lot, 2303 N. Mayfair Road, before 8 a.m. Oct. 13.

There were none of the usual pry marks found around the windows and police couldn't find any evidence pointing to the tool used to smash the windows out.

Both of the vehicles were locked and both had laptop computers and other equipment, including a camera valued at over $1,000.

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Champagne thief tripped up by noisy jacket

Oct. 22, 2012 1:58 p.m. | A Walgreens employee knew something was wrong when he heard the clinking noise of six bottles of champagne in a man's jacket.

From the Wauwatosa police report;

The employee of Walgreens, 6600 W. State St., saw the suspect walking down an aisle with his arms at the sides of his bulging jacket around 1:30 p.m. Oct. 13. The suspect was walking from a newly-empty champagne display case.

When the employee confronted the suspect about his suspicions, the suspect lost his cool demeanor and ran past the clerk to a waiting car.

The employee gave chase to the man, who warned him to stay away, saying that he had "something" for the employee in his car. When the suspect jumped in the car, a woman in the car shouted "go go go!"

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