Birth Announcement

DEADLINE: Birth announcements will be accepted for publication any time within 12 weeks of the child’s birth. Announcements are published free of charge. In most cases, they will appear a week or two after we have received the completed form. Announcements may be published later due to the quantity we receive or space limitations.

COMMUNITY POLICY: Announcements will be published only in the communities where the parents, grandparents or great-grandparents live or have lived in the past. Please indicate former areas of residence that Community Newspapers covers.

NAME POLICY: Community Newspapers does not use courtesy titles, such as Mr., Mrs. or Dr. First and last names are required for everyone mentioned in the announcement.

E-MAIL SUBMISSIONS: We welcome announcements submitted via e-mail. Type “birth” in the subject line and send to

1.Parents’ names (including maiden name):
3.Full name(s) of newborn child(ren):
4.Date of birth:
7.Hospital and community:
8.Names and ages of siblings:
9.Grandparents and their communities:
10.Great-grandparents and their communities:
11.Name of contact person (for our purposes):
12.Phone number of contact person:
13.E-mail of contact person: