Promise of Vegas cash stings women for $1,400 in scam

Sept. 12, 2010

Two Wauwatosa women fell for a scam that promised them $2.5 million but ended up costing them more than $1,400.

According to Wauwatosa police:

The women, who are in their 60s, got a call from a man who said he was affiliated with a Vegas casino alerting them they won money. As with most scams, he asked them to wire money, $1,447, to a Utah address and $400 to a New York address to cover processing costs.

They sent money from their bank the morning of Aug. 27, but they soon started to have second thoughts. They canceled the smaller payment but were told it was too late to stop the larger payment because it had already cleared.

The man called again that afternoon to ask why they canceled one of the payments. The women said they were getting concerned because the money had not arrived. He tried to stall by saying the delivery driver's vehicle had broken down so it had been delayed.

Officers found the number came from Jamaica.


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