Elementary school Spanish is a worthy effort

Jan. 17, 2011

Public Forum:

As a Wauwatosa school parent, I am thankful that the district superintendent has the ability to see benefits of the world language program. I am grateful that the School Board has identified that the need for a librarian within each school is unnecessary, outdated and redundant. The library media specialists, while wonderful people and teachers, could be much better used teaching something more useful and worthwhile.

What greater advantage can we provide our children than to have a head start in a bilingual life? Whatever amount of Spanish can be acquired at such a young age is a benefit; I don't have an expectation of fluency from one hour a day of Spanish, but any amount will help, and I am eagerly awaiting the opportunity for my children to learn some of this useful language. Academics will not suffer; teachers will still teach, children will still learn. They will learn just as they otherwise would, with the added benefit of an extremely useful life skill: Spanish. The role of the aide that would be positioned in each school in lieu of the librarian would suffice and take care of all needs of the students when they do use the library.

This notion that the Wauwatosa School District's desire to eliminate librarians in the schools is harmful to students is not something I agree with. What the school district is suggesting is an excellent idea for many reasons. Ultimately, it makes the best academic and social sense. I know in these times that no job elimination is good, but as I understand it, no jobs will be lost - the deck will just be "reshuffled" so to say.

Jim Gadziemski



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