Tosa man's sandwich recipe in Miller Park final four

Feb. 1, 2011

Brats, nachos and chicken Parmesan? If a Wauwatosa man's entry in the Create a Concession contest gets enough votes, Brewers fans could be noshing on the Italian sandwich come Opening Day.

Chris Fifarek, 24, came up with his recipe while experimenting with leftovers in college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. For years, he had ordered chicken Parmesan sandwiches while dining at restaurants. Hunger and an interest in cooking led to a quest to see if he could put his on spin on the dish.

Initially, he put the meat, cheese and sauce on a kaiser roll. However, an Italian roommate told him to try ciabatta bread.

"It actually worked out better, so it stayed," he said.

He also made a change that would make it easier for ballpark dining. Instead of having a side salad, he threw the mixed greens right on the sandwich.

His sandwich has made the concession contest's final four - from 1,300 entries - along with sausage kabobs, cheese curds and fish tacos.

Fifarek knew he had a tasty recipe, but he didn't know if it was award-winning cuisine. Biding time before a Packers game, he decided to enter the Brewers contest.

"I have been to so many games and I can't believe Miller Park doesn't have a chicken sandwich at the concession stands," he said.

Fifarek said the detail he provided in the entry - the ingredients, how to toast the bread, what he likes to serve as sides - gave him an edge.

"It would be an honor to say, 'Hey, that's my sandwich they're serving,' " he said.

To vote for the food that would make for the best ballpark eating, go to through midnight Thursday.


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