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Feb. 2, 2011

These comments were posted to an article about the struggle city and Mayfair officials are in to determine what can be done to curb problem behavior on the part of some teens who frequent the mall.

"I think they should charge a refundable admission fee. Pay $10 to enter the mall and then get it back at exit, provided you did not cause a melee. I imagine the mall would rake in a lot of profit from people who would not take the minute to get their money back."

- lunchatnoon

" 'They brainstormed ideas for handling problems and came up with an ID card that teens could carry and have scanned upon entering the mall. Any violations would be encoded on the card and could prevent admittance for a period of time or give them a strike in a 'three strikes and you're out' system.' " Let me get this straight - the kids came up with this on their own? Good for them! While they're at it, they should go out and explain that if they're in favor of needing an ID card to do something as non-crucial as going to a mall, needing an ID card for something as important as voting isn't a big deal, either."

- gym123


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