Tosa sets seven goals for going green

Feb. 16, 2011

Milwaukee County already has a Greenfield and a Greendale, but how about a Green Tosa?

Wauwatosa's Common Council has approved seven goals aimed at reducing energy costs and greenhouse emissions and becoming a more sustainable community.

On a vote of 15-1, with Alderwoman Jacqueline Jay the sole opponent, the council Tuesday adopted seven objectives for 2011.

Jay wanted mention of creating an action plan to reduce greenhouse emissions struck from list.

"The scientific community has not agreed on this position," she said.

She didn't have a problem with the volunteers who serve on the city's Energy Committee gauging the existing emission output, but she was against "wasting" staff time on formulating a plan.

Alderman Dennis McBride called Jay's suggestion "a silly, silly motion" explaining the Milwaukee metropolitan area has a high-level of air pollutants.

Any actual activities or expenditures to start reducing plans would have to come before the council for approval, Alderman Jason Wilke said. He didn't see the harm in doing some strategizing.

The following is a list of the seven goals the Energy Committee recommended for 2011 and the council adopted:

• Reduce energy reduction of all the city's assets by 3 percent. Measure the usage and recognize employees for success.

• Perform an Energy Star analysis on city facilities and bring them up to Energy Star standards in coming years. Make all new city facilities LEED certifiable.

•Conduct a greenhouse gas emissions inventory for city operations and create a plan to reduce emissions.

•Establish an energy-manager position to recommend and implement energy saving and sustainability strategies.

• Improve and expand walking and bicycling rights of way as outlined in the city's comprehensive plan.

•Encourage private developers to construct energy-efficient buildings or upgrade existing facilities to meet green standards.

• Expand community outreach by developing an energy-efficiency program residents can use in their homes, establishing a resource area in the library and work with local schools on educational opportunities.


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