Police report: Thefts were meant to fund rent payments

April 19, 2011

A drug addict about to be kicked out of her home took purses and jeans from Macy's at Mayfair on Saturday afternoon intending to sell the items to get rent money, according to a Wauwatosa police report.

Also according to the report:

The 27-year-old Cudahy woman fled in a vehicle driven by a 26-year-old Oak Creek man. They were pulled over at Mayfair Road and Capitol Drive. Although she was hiding the stolen goods under a coat on her lap, she swore the man knew nothing of the theft.

She said they both were addicted to OxyContin and that she had a problem with heroin, but the money was to be used for rent since she was facing eviction. She planned to sell the purses to a cocaine dealer who buys nice things for his wife. Because she's not a crack cocaine user, payment would be in cash, not drugs.

As the officer took the recovered merchandise back to his patrol car, he saw a plastic bag fly out the other vehicle and into a ditch. It contained paraphernalia used to inject drugs.

The woman again tried to plead her boyfriend's innocence, saying she was unemployed but he was in the midst of starting a new job. His record of felony drug activity, burglary and other crimes didn't do a lot to convince officers. They arrested him for retail theft and two counts of bail-jumping as well as on a retail theft warrant from Greenfield.

The woman was a suspect in thefts at Target in Wauwatosa late last year and was wanted on a warrant for retail theft. She was arrested for two counts of retail theft and three counts of bail-jumping.

The district attorney is reviewing the case.


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