Wauwatosa makes new push to attract development

Published on: 6/1/2011

Wauwatosa is making a new push to attract development, with the creation of a Community Development Authority and a marketing campaign that promotes the city's development areas.

Some of that marketing will occur at an event that begins at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday at the newly renovated Grand Hall at Hoyt Park Pool,1800 Swan Blvd., where city officials will meet with developers, lenders and business leaders.

Among the items for discussion will be the new Community Development Authority, which the Common Council approved in April. It replaces the Housing Authority and Redevelopment Authority, and is designed to help streamline city action on development proposals, said Mayor Jill Didier.

"The focus is now on pulling all the pieces together," Didier said.

Also, city officials will be discussing Wauwatosa's development areas, which are being marketed as the Wauwatosa Innovation Parkway. That plays off the city's parkways near Honey Creek, Underwood Creek and the Menomonee River, which are close to most of the development sites.

Among those leading the effort are Paulette Enders, who was named city economic development director last year, and members of the Wauwatosa Economic Development Advisory Committee.

Projects pending in Wauwatosa include University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Foundation's Innovation Park, and HSA Commercial Real Estate Inc.'s The Mayfair Collection.