High school injury inspired chiropractor

June 22, 2011

Liz Hood learned the value of a chiropractic adjustment while juggling three varsity sports at Wauwatosa East High School.

Little did she imagine that, years later, she would be the owner of the Chiropractic Care Center, where she got treatment as a teenager.

Hood, 31, took over the firm in 2010 after founding partner Dr. Marna Moolla retired.

Years earlier, it was Moolla who made the difference for Hood, who hurt her back when she was about 14.

Hood tried pills and other remedies before turning to chiropractic treatment, which her grandmother suggested.

"It was the one thing that was able to fix me up and get me through my sports injury," Hood said.

She was inspired by her experience.

"I thought I would help other people."

After a traditional undergraduate degree and another nearly four years of study, Hood got a doctor of chiropractic degree, which she describes as just shy of a medical degree.

"We're very similar to a D.O. - a doctor of osteopathy - but we don't do surgeries. No drugs, no surgeries, all conservative treatments," she explained.

After graduation, the plan was for Hood and Moolla to practice together. That changed when Moolla's own back injuries sidelined her.

Hood took over the firm last year.

Many of her patients are athletes with injuries, including some from Wauwatosa West High School, where Hood's husband, Jason, is a track coach.

Other patients use Hood like a primary care doctor role, seeking adjustments not only to relieve pain but also to manage everything from chronic conditions to the common cold.

The backbone of her business is still pain relief, however. And it's one of the most satisfying parts of Hood's job.

"The joy of helping someone with chiropractic pain is unbelievable."


BUSINESS: Chiropractic Care Center

ADDRESS: 2100 North Mayfair Road, Suite 201

ONLINE: wisconsinchiropracticcenter.com and Facebook

PHONE: (414) 476-2225

OWNER: Liz Hood


TYPE OF BUSINESS: chiropractor

PEARLS OF WISDOM: "The highlight of my day is the patient contact."



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