Sex offender arrested for removing tracking bracelet

July 27, 2011

A two-time sex offender was arrested for violating probation after he removed his monitoring ankle bracelet Monday.

According to the Wauwatosa Police Department:

Police were alerted by a tampering alarm that Tristan Harris, 26, had removed his GPS-enabled bracelet at 11:32 a.m. Monday. When officers arrived at his Wauwatosa home in the 2200 block of 73rd Street, Harris lifted his pant leg and the bracelet fell off.

Removing the device takes substantial force and likely tools, said a monitoring specialist with the Wisconsin Department of Correction.

Police say Harris told them he didn't like wearing the bracelet and had been pulling on it for a year to remove it. He was sentenced in 2009 to wear it for his lifetime, so law enforcement officers can track his location.

The GPS specialist asked that police arrest Harris. He is now sitting in Milwaukee County Jail, not eligible for bail. He faces a possible felony charge of tampering with a Global Positioning System device.


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