Access to Taco Bell may be cut off if fence not up soon

Aug. 16, 2011

The city has given the owner of the Taco Bell property at 510 N. Mayfair Road 30 days to complete a fence to shield neighbors from the restaurant. If the fence isn't up in time, the city may have the driveway barricaded.

The Taco Bell building was built in 2008, and the lack of fencing has been an issue ever since. Neighbors have complained about restaurant customers cutting through their properties and garbage ending up in their yards.

City staff members have tried to contact owner Rich Lepping, president of the Taco Bell franchise Border Patrol Wisconsin, numerous times, but there has been no response. The city has a deposit on hand due to work on the property not being completed in a timely manner, and city staff members suggested the money be used to have a fence installed.

City Attorney Alan Kesner recommended to the Board of Public Works earlier this month that one more letter be sent to Lepping, giving him notice that he has 30 days to complete the fence or he will face one of two options: The city would use the deposit to hire a contractor to complete the work or to barricade the parking lot until the work can be done. If the expense is greater than the deposit amount, the remainder of the cost would be put on the tax roll.

City Engineer Bill Wehrley said he doesn't know if his department has the time to hire a contractor and oversee the work this fall, so the property could stay blocked off for some time if Lepping doesn't comply.

The letter was sent out Aug. 5, Kesner said.


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