City should limit backyard fires as they can irritate neighbors

Aug. 31, 2011

Public Forum:

I have a neighbor that likes campfires. For years I have had to tolerate day after day of campfires. Several times in the past I tried to let him know that I cannot open my windows when he has these fires because everything in my house then smells like a campfire.

I tried a couple years ago, with the city alderman, police and mayor, to get some kind of ordinance to stop, or at least limit, the use of campfires in the city because of this over-abuse by my neighbor. But it is a useless fight over not being able to smell fresh air.

My quality of life does not matter, but my neighbor can enjoy his campfire and just have a great relaxing time. Just because he can, with no regard to his neighbors.

I myself like a campfire now and then, but not four days a week, every week and weekend.

If I have one, it is only a couple times a year and for about two hours, not all day and half the night. This is supposed to be a city, not a trailer camp.

Why am I paying these high taxes and have to smell a campfire all day?

I am tired of this rudeness, and there is nothing I can do about it. It is sad that I have neighbors like this.

This city allows campfires anytime during the day or night, 24/7 if you like.

They can smolder all night long and, if you happen to live in the path of the smoke, well, just too bad for you because you have to smell it all day and night. I get headaches from all this constant smoke, and I wish it would just stop.

It gets in the house and in my clothes and in my rugs, it gives me headaches and, after two heart attacks, I really do not think I should be breathing this smoke four days a week.

All I would like to do is open my windows at night and not smell this smoke. I do not know if anyone else in Wauwatosa has had this kind of problem with their neighbors, but I have for years.

I think there should be some kind of limitation to these rude campfire neighbors.

 My quality of life is not the same as my neighbors'.

Joe Heder



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