Sparkle helps clients keep skin young, fresh

Spa is off to a solid start, owner says

Nov. 22, 2011

Laura Robinson may have relocated from Chicago to Wisconsin for personal reasons, but the homecoming has been a boon to her professional life.

In July, Robinson opened Sparkle, a multipurpose spa that provides customized skin care treatments and waxing services. The business hit the ground running and hasn't slowed since.

"We've been booked solid," said Robinson, who promotes her shop through social media, including Twitter and Facebook. "Before we even opened, we had appointments scheduled weeks in advance."

Laura attributes Sparkle's ongoing success to repeat business - along with a prime real estate location at the Remedy Within Wellness Center at 92nd Street and Bluemound Road.

"Our re-booking rate has been incredible," the Wauwatosa native said. "Getting people to commit four to six weeks ahead for facials is something - especially in this economy. And I'm very fortunate to have my spa at a site where there are so many like-minded professionals. There's a lot of cross-promotion involved at the center."

Drawing on her nearly 10-year career in skin therapy, Robinson said, she stresses educating her customers about the importance of healthy skin. To that end, she begins every treatment session with a consultation.

"We discuss treatment options and what's best for them, depending on their skin type," said Robinson, whose clients range from teenagers battling acne to senior citizens seeking to turn back the clock. "I warn them about the effects of ultraviolet exposure on their skin - how sun damage is cumulative and wrinkles, melanoma and sunspots won't show up for years, so it's critical that they make sunscreen a part of their daily routine, like brushing their teeth."

She also educates her clients about practicing proper skin care between appointments. She uses only Dermalogica products and recommends them to her clients.

"It's like eating a cheeseburger right after going to the gym," Robinson said. "You're offsetting all the good you've done when you go back to using cheap drug store products on your skin. Dermalogica is an industry leader. Clients often comment how after just one treatment with Dermalogica that they don't have the skin they walked into the spa with."

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ADDRESS: 9203 W. Bluemound Road

PHONE: (262) 501-5688

OWNER: Laura Robinson



PEARLS OF WISDOM: "The best anti-aging cream out there is sunscreen. Sun exposure is the No. 1 cause of premature aging, and is almost 100 percent preventable."



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