Ask NOW: What can be done about snowy sidewalks?

Feb. 27, 2012

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What can be done about snowy sidewalks?

Issue: A reader noticed that the sidewalk on the south side of Watertown Plank Road between the fire station and Crowne Plaza Hotel was not shoveled in a timely manner after a recent snowfall. She wants to know who is responsible for that area of sidewalk, and whether there is anything that can be done to get it cleaned up.

Status: Ken Walbrant, parks and forestry superintendent, explained that the city polices major avenues such as Bluemound Road, Burleigh Street, Mayfair Road and North Avenue to make sure sidewalks are shoveled by noon the day after a snowfall.

However, the city does not monitor sidewalks along smaller roads and relies on residents to report issues about those sidewalks, Walbrant said. If a resident notices a sidewalk that is not shoveled, he should contact the parks office at (414) 471-8420 and the city will notify the person responsible for the property. If the sidewalk isn't shoveled within 24 hours, the city will clear it and charge the owner of the property. Watertown Plank Road is an area that is monitored on a complaint basis, Walbrant explained.

The county used to be responsible for clearing the section of sidewalk the reader is wondering about, and it only recently became the Crowne Plaza's responsibility, Walbrant said.

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