Find new, cheap fashion trends at Discovery

Store features lower prices than others

March 28, 2012

With an ever-changing inventory of trendy discount clothes, Discovery Clothing Company doesn't see itself as much of a competitor for Mayfair Mall.

"We saw a good opportunity to fill a void in the area," said Jeff Goldman, co-owner and CEO, who runs the business with his brother, Kenny Goldman.

"We offer low price fashion clothing," Goldman explained. "Our concept is offering a lot of the same clothes as the department stores but at half the price. We just sell a lot more."

The concept grew out of a flea market the family founded in the Chicago area in 1986. Nearly 25 years later, Discovery Clothing - opportunistically named after the "Discover" credit card that launched around the same time - has grown into a regional franchise. The store at 2857 N. Mayfair Road, which opened March 1, is the company's 29th store and its third in Wisconsin.

Back when the store was a flea market, everything cost $10 or less. Today, nothing is priced over $25.

But offering department store styles at low prices doesn't mean Discovery is just like its discount cousins, TJMaxx and Marshalls.

"Our store has a boutique feel," Goldman explained. "The size is 15,000 square feet, but it doesn't look like a discounter. … We have chandeliers. We have wood trim surrounding our focal walls."

Colors throughout the store are muted, mimicking high-end retailers and letting the often brightly-colored clothes - from career staples to club gear - provide the pops of color that Goldman believes appeal to women and girls, ages 13 to 40, and make up the store's customer base.

The hope is that people will come in for the prices and stay for the experience, shopping for of-the-moment clothing without coupons and without having to search for a clerk; the new Discovery store will have 40 employees and six check-out lanes.

Then, Goldman said, he hopes they keep coming back.

"If you buy a top for $10 and wear it 10 times, you can then find something new. It's sort of disposable clothing. You can wear it, then come back and find something new and exciting," Goldman said.

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BUSINESS: Discovery Clothing Company

ADDRESS: 2857 N. Mayfair Road


PHONE: (414) 479-9998

OWNER: Jeff and Kenny Goldman


TYPE OF BUSINESS: discount clothing

PEARLS OF WISDOM: "Our concept is offering a lot of the same clothes as the department stores but at half the price."



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