Ask NOW: New garbage carts will be hard for animals to open

April 2, 2012

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New garbage carts won't need strap to keep raccoons at bay

Issue: A reader wants to know if the new garbage cans will have a strap on the cover to keep raccoons out and if the lid will need to be unsecured in order for the trucks to pick them up.

Status: Mike Kreiter, operations superintendent in the Wauwatosa Department of Public Works, explained that the new carts will be sturdier than the recycling carts.

Each lid has a half-inch lip that comes over the body of the cart, making it fit snuggly. There is only a 4-inch spot in the front of the cart that allows the lid to be lifted. This should be sufficient to keep rodents out.

Distribution of the new carts will begin in a few weeks.

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