Beyer Chiropractic has served thousands over 55-year history

Clinic one of oldest businesses on North Avenue in Wauwatosa

Christopher Beyer of Beyer Chiropractic

Christopher Beyer of Beyer Chiropractic Photo By Peter Zuzga

Feb. 3, 2013

For a branch of medicine that has only been around for a century, it says something that Beyer Chiropractic has called the same place home for 55 years.

"You would be hard pressed to go up and down the street and find a business that's been here longer in this region of North Avenue," said Dr. Christopher Beyer, whose father, William Beyer, started the family-owned practice.

William Beyer took over the clinic in 1957 from another doctor, who practiced out of his living room and dining room. By 1961, the building had an addition, a formal office where William Beyer has practiced since 1992.

Beyer has seen thousands of patients since then, mostly for back pain, neck pain and headaches associated with car accidents, slips, falls and work injuries.

"Some people have been coming in for 20, 30, 40, even 60 years," Beyer said. "I've got a couple of patients who went to that guy (who first owned the clinic). They still come to me."

It's the aspect of his work that Beyer most enjoys.

"Everybody says that about their jobs: 'I don't like the paperwork; it's the people,'" Beyer said. "And it's true for me as well. It's the patients, getting to know the families over generations."

He credits the unique chiropractor-patient relationship for that longevity.

Unlike general practice doctors, who might see patients once or twice each year, Beyer said chiropractors see patients 10, 12, even 15 times in a year.

"It's a much more personal relationship," Beyer said. "I've been to some weddings. I've been to some funerals. I've been to hospitals visiting patients when they're sick.

His father told a story about attending the funeral of a patient he considered a loner.

"He got there late, and he was the only name on the sign in sheet. The only one on his docket was his chiropractor."

It's a privileged position, Beyer said, even if the trade-off is an ever-growing mountain of paperwork.

"Back in my dad's day, in the '50s, '60s and '70s, you'd take care of people and that would be it. My dad practiced for years without writing down anything but basic information. Now, you take care of people and the insurance company wants paperwork."

Still, Beyer said, he wouldn't give it up.

"I'm not going anywhere," he said.

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BUSINESS: Beyer Chiropractic

ADDRESS:6331 W. North Ave.

PHONE:(414) 476-5533

OWNER: Christopher Beyer


PEARLS OF WISDOM: "Everybody says that about their jobs: 'I don't like the paperwork; it's the people.' And it's true for me, as well. It's the patients, getting to know the families over generations."



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