This week in Tosa history: Jan. 27

Jan. 27, 2014


· Announcement: To the People of Wauwatosa — I wish to announce that my pasteurizing plant is now complete and running daily. You can receive good, pure, germ-proof milk from my wagons or at my place of business, No. 50 W. Main St. Call up telephone number 197 and you will always find us on the spot. Yours truly, A. Van Uxem.

· Robert M. LaFollett was elected U.S. senator last Tuesday. He received every Republican vote in the Assembly and all but one in the Senate.


· Salaries for all city employees were set by the council Tuesday night with numerous raises evident in all departments. The only raise in officials' salaries was given to City Engineer M. F. Linnan, whose pay was set at $3,840, as compared to $3,600 last year. Salaries of officials remaining the same were mayor, $1,800; aldermen, $720; city attorney, $2,580; and city treasurer, $3,120.

· A Milwaukee Sanitarium of Wauwatosa advertisement reads, "For nervous disorders — Maintaining the highest standards over a period of 50 years, we stand for all that is best in the care and treatment of nervous disorders. Brochures and particulars sent on request."


· All local banks increased their rates on extended time savings to a new, higher 4 percent rate, effective at once. This is in keeping with announcements made by other banks in the metropolitan area. The new policy calls for 4 percent interest on one-year certificates, 3½ on six-month certificates and 3 percent on regular savings accounts.

· On President Kennedy's whopper of a federal budget for the next fiscal year, Sen. Everett McKinley Dirkson (Rep.-Ill.) said, "It's last year's Sears-Roebuck catalog with some new items added and all the prices raised." Kennedy's budget for the next fiscal year is more than $92.5 billion. It forecasts a wobbly $463 million surplus.

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