Red Dot to liven up North Avenue restaurant with patio, additional bar

Mary Catanese
Annie Overholt holds a Canadian dish called poutine at Red Dot. It's french fries topped with Wisconsin cheddar cheese curds and covered with a vegetable based brown gravy.
Published on: 4/8/2014

Customers of Red Dot, 6715 W. North Ave., likely can look forward to drinks and food under the night sky this summer.

Owner Martin Beaudoin said he plans to add a 50-seat patio that will take up the restaurant's front parking lot space bordering North Avenue. The expansion is set to open June 1, but the date could be pushed back if needed.

Plans are still working their way through the city approval process.

"The patio is so important because if you don't have one in the summer you might as well not even open your doors," Beaudoin said. "Our approach was that we wanted it right out in front. We wanted it right out there on North Avenue."

The restaurant's back parking lot will be unaffected.

Beaudoin said the undeveloped area in the back of the building will become home to an additional bar with possible space for live music.

Paulette Enders, Wauwatosa's director of development, said the outdoor seating will bring more activity along North Avenue, and that along with the patio, Red Dot is adding bike racks, landscaping and signage.

"They will be taking their business and making it a little more lively," Enders said. "It's good to see existing property owners investing in their businesses in a way that's complementary to North Avenue and following the East Tosa plan for the area."

Bobby Pantuso, 5th District alderman, said the renovated space is going to be iconic.

"It's beautiful," Pantuso said. "They did a great job with their plan. I'm looking forward to sitting there. They have some long-term plans for the building that's going to be adjacent to it, too."

Pantuso said he predicts Red Dot will become a neighborhood hot spot once the landscaped patio opens.

The green space was created when Beudoin's architect pitched it to him.

"Let's make it a little bit fun and make it some green space," Beaudoin said. "It's all about catching somebody's eyes, and it'll be neat."

Beaudoin said he feels that Red Dot is a perfect complement to what Wauwatosa has to offer, and is excited to be a part of the city's future.