Beekeeping should be allowed in Wauwatosa

May 13, 2014

Public Forum:

I am Elliot Richer. I am in Mrs. Brown's third-grade class at Washington Elementary School. I am doing a report about the ordinance of beekeeping in Wauwatosa. I think the Community Development Committee should allow beekeeping because even if neighbors don't like bees the honey bees will just go around doing what they normally do on a daily basis. The Department of Neighborhood Services said, "So if the neighbors don't know that those residents have bees then they probably won't notice." "Anyway, even if someone is allergic to bee stings honey bees usually don't attack unless there is an immediate threat to the hive," said former gardener extension master at the University of Wisconsin Terri Kinnis.

There are also many benefits to why people want to keep bees. Milwaukee executive director of the Urban Ecology Club and beekeeper Ken Leinbach said: "People keep bees for a variety of reasons. For some people it's about saving the bees, for some it's about the honey and some just think it is cool. My last reason is that honey is active against bacteria, so if we have more bees we will have more honey, and if we have more honey we will have less bacteria."

So overall I do think we should allow beekeeping in Wauwatosa.

Elliot Richer

Washington Elementary School student


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