Is traffic light needed near apartments?

Feb. 13, 2009

A study will be done to determine whether a traffic signal is needed on State Street near the site of a proposed 148-unit apartment complex.

Among the concerns residents voiced at a Plan Commission earlier this week was a perceived traffic congestion problem they said would be exacerbated by a high-density residential development on the former Derse property.

A similar study was conducted when developer David Israel pitched a condominium complex at 1215 N. 62nd St. While the development project was approved, the traffic signal was not because the study showed it wasn't warranted.

This new study will assess whether the additional cars expected an additional multifamily housing development would bring enough traffic for a signal, Community Development Director Nancy Welch said.

If the study still show high enough traffic counts, the Common Council may still want to consider a signal to provide a safe pedestrian crossing across State Street to the eastern portion of Hart Park, she added.

A public hearing on the development is tentatively set for March 17, but the traffic study results may not be back by then.


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