Hart Park improvements move on despite lack of land sale proceeds

March 11, 2009

The Hart Park improvements project will go out to bid even though the city has not sold the Public Works land, a deal that was supposed to cover $1.2 million of the costs.

The Budget and Finance Committee last night voted unanimously to remove the contingency of the sale from the city's ability to fund capital projects outlined in the 2009 budget, citing a strong desire by residents to see the park work move forward and high interest in renting the athletic facilities when they are complete.

Committee members suggested that the cash on hand and borrowing alone could pay for the $4.4 million for the athletic facilities, which would need to go out to bid in the next few weeks to get work done in time for the fall sports season. That would give more time to negotiate on the land sale before the remaining $1.7 million is needed this fall to complete the infrastructure and park improvements at the Rotary Performance Pavilion.

If the sale does not go through, the Common Council could shift the remaining amount into the following year's budget by issuing a notice of intent to borrow.


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