Wauwatosa East band (and geese) on T.V.

Published on: 3/21/2009

A parent lucky enough to score a trip to France last year with the Wauwatosa East High School marching band could score some cash as well when his video of a band event airs Sunday evening as a finalist on "America's Funniest Home Videos."

The story behind this video, from another parent along on the trip, is this:

The Red Raider Band marched in a traditional European parade in Chantilly on Dec. 31, a feature of which included the last unit: a flock of geese herded by a border collie upon one man's commands.

At the end of the parade, the East students lined up in front of a chateau and played their half-time show for the crowd. The performance apparently attracted quite a few people ... and the geese.

The students held their composure as the geese tried to interfere, and it was all caught on videotape by band booster parent Dan Guendert.

Guendert submitted his video, with the encouragement of other parents, to AFHV and it is slated to air this Sunday on the program, which is carried at 6 p.m. on Channel 12 WISN-TV.

If Guendert's video is selected as the winner on the show, he has a chance to win $100,000.

The boosters, by the way, are gathering to watch the show at Rounding Third, on 63rd and Bluemound. They're selling raffle tickets, natch, based on whether the video comes in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. (But you can also watch at home for free.)