Committee OKs ground rules for selling naming rights

May 13, 2009

With a few changes, the city's Community Development Committee Tuesday voted in support of an ordinance proposed by Alderman Dennis McBride that would set some rules as to when it is appropriate to sell naming rights to city property.

Aldermen Thomas Herzog suggested removing language that could prohibit just about any group that at least one person would argue is "intolerant" from the document.

"If this wording stays in there, the Boy Scouts couldn't sponsor anything because some people have called them intolerant," Herzog said.

The committee also rejected a requirement for a two-thirds vote of the Common Council to approve a naming request. Instead, a simple majority would be needed.

The general consensus among committee members was that a naming rights policy was warranted. The draft ordinance defines city property as buildings, grounds, parks and open spaces besides streets and spaces within them that are controlled by the city.

It further states that naming rights payments should go toward upkeep or improvements to the specific property.


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