Pharmacist's suspicions lead to prescription fraud arrest

May 26, 2009

A 32-year-old Wausau man who had been obtaining fraudulent narcotic pain pill prescriptions for 10 months was arrested at a Wauwatosa Walgreens last week.

According to the Wauwatosa Police Department report:

The man dropped off a prescription for 120 pills May 19. The pharmacist became suspicious when she saw he had a similar prescription filled only a week earlier.

The doctor listed on the prescription said he was a pediatrician, and he did not have a patient by that name. However, the man's wife had worked for him as a nurse, but her job had been terminated.

A check into the man's prescription records showed he had been obtaining fraudulent prescriptions since July 2008 and charging his insurance company for the drugs.

Officers arrested him as he picked up the prescription, and they found several pills in his pocket.

When they asked for permission to move his vehicle out of the drive-through lane, he told them they would have to push it rather than drive it. When an officer opened a car door, he instantly smelled marijuana.

The man also was arrested for marijuana possession.

The case was referred to the district attorney's office.


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