Clifton Gunderson accounting firm moving headquarters to Wauwatosa

Published on: 6/1/2009

Employment by Clifton Gunderson in the Milwaukee area will increase as the top-25 accounting firm relocates its headquarters from Peoria, Ill. to Wauwatosa.

The move, announced last year, coincides with the rise of Krista McMasters to the position of CEO. McMasters, whose appointment was effective Monday, has long worked from the firm's Milwaukee office.

With McMasters' taking over - she is the first woman to head a top-25 accounting firm, according to Clifton Gunderson - jobs such as general counsel have been shifted to Wauwatosa.

"It will expand the number of employees that we will have in our Milwaukee office," spokeswoman Jen Dirks said. "...Kris would love her executive team here."

Nearly 130 professionals work for Clifton Gunderson here. Nationwide, the professional staff totals more than 2,000 in 45 offices.