Man arrested for driving getaway vehicle after La Tarte robbery

June 1, 2009

A 22-year-old Waukesha man has been arrested for driving a getaway vehicle after a strong-armed robbery at a Wauwatosa bakery Tuesday.

Witnesses told police they saw his partner in the crime, who has not yet been arrested, run from La Tarte, 6742 W. Wells St., and jump into a waiting vehicle. They were able to provide police with the license plate number and a description of the driver.

According to Wauwatosa Police Department reports:

A man entered the store, ordered a croissant and handed a $5 bill to the owner. As she opened the cash register to get his change, the customer reached over the counter and into the cash drawer.

The man pushed the register toward the owner and she fell on the floor, followed by the cash drawer. The man came around the counter, stepped over the business owner and took money.

Police tracked the vehicle to the Waukesha man, who said he could not have been involved because he loaned the vehicle to drug dealers in exchange for crack cocaine.

A check of his record showed he was on probation for armed robbery and had been kicked out of a halfway house.


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