Swine flu confirmed at multiple Tosa schools

June 4, 2009

Cases of swine flu have been confirmed at several district schools, including Whitman Middle School, an official said.

Sally Roepe, district nurse, said infections have been confirmed at Whitman, but would not release the locations of other cases.

"We've had (confirmed cases at) more than one school," Roepe said, adding: "It's not being limited to just one location. It's in the community."

Lori Nielsen, nursing supervisor for the Wauwatosa Health Department, would likewise not confirm locations, citing concern about panicking residents.

Nielsen and Roepe said letters have been sent home to parents at schools where cases have been confirmed, informing them of the fact and advising preventive measures, like proper hand-washing techniques.

Roepe said the district will not close schools where infections have been confirmed, unless so many staff members or students are absent that it hampers the normal function of the schools.


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