Audrey Evers was gift to Wauwatosa West

July 15, 2009

Public Forum:

Wauwatosa West got lucky two decades ago when Audrey Evers became the school's principal. She was smart, caring, patient, intuitive and committed. Audrey was a great listener, and she had a kind heart and a ready smile. Her interest in her job and her love of her school, students and staff were always evident.

Our family was affected by the boundary change, and I spoke with Audrey for the first time the spring before my son became part of the first group shifted out of the East district. She listened while I shared the concerns we had about the difficult atmosphere surrounding the change, and she promised to do whatever she could to make our child's experience a positive one. Thank goodness she was a woman of her word, because she lived up to that promise. She knew who our son was the minute he walked into the school and never failed to make him feel included, and he appreciated her friendship.

Eight years after graduating from West, our son is still closely connected with a dozen friends from the school, a valuable legacy and a testament to the tight community Audrey helped build. All in all, the education he received, the teachers he had, and the fun he experienced made the West experience one of value for both of our children, who continue to have a lasting bond with their school. When Audrey retired due to health issues in 2000, it was a great loss to the community.

Audrey Evers passed away on June 21. She was a wonderful person and a gift to the children of Wauwatosa. We are all better for having had her in our lives.

Peggy and Jim Katz



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