Replace city officials who overtax residents

Nov. 11, 2009

Public Forum:

I went to the budget meeting for Wauwatosa, and they are going to raise your taxes again. While the value of your home has dropped for the last three years, we keep getting higher taxes and less services. Plowing and salting in this city is terrible; property taxes are terrible. They keep giving themselves great benefits, keep doing pet projects and keep throwing money at consultants and adding staff that cost $180,000 instead of helping the people of Wauwatosa.

All we can do now is vote them out. Elections are coming up. We need people that will help us get back our rights as property owners.

Right now we are just renters to the city. Please vote out the mayor and all the rest of these yahoos that keep raising our taxes and taking away from our families. We have to struggle to maintain a budget in our lives, and they get to throw it away on anything and everything while they live the life of Reilly. Terrible, just vote them out.

If nobody runs for mayor in this town, write me in and I will dismantle all the nonsense that is going on in this city. I will not run because I cannot afford it, and I am not a politician and don't want your money. All I want is City Hall to be fair to the people.

Joe Heder



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