District won't take more Chapter 220 students

Nov. 23, 2009

Fewer Chapter 220 students and more Open Enrollment students will attend Wauwatosa schools next year under participation guidelines unanimously approved by School Board members Monday.

Having fewer students from the Chapter 220 integration program will mean less state aid, and higher property taxes to make up the difference. However, extra Open Enrollment students provide the district with tuition income that is not subject to the state-imposed revenue cap.

Extending the guidelines currently in place, School Board members decided that Wauwatosa will open no new Chapter 220 seats, but accept siblings of Chapter 220 students already enrolled in the district. Seats for siblings could be opened in either K4 or K5.

For Open Enrollment, maximum class sizes for the 2010-'11 school year will be 18 students in junior and senior kindergarten, 20 students in grades one to five, and 23 students in core curricular areas.


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