Voter ID referendum petition drive set for Wednesday

Dec. 1, 2009

An effort to get a voter ID referendum on the ballot in the next city election is picking up steam as a petition drive is set for 4:30 to 8 p.m. Wednesday at Leff's Lucky Town, 7208 W. State St.

Wauwatosa residents who want to vote on whether the state should require any voter to show a photo ID can stop by the bar in the Village and add their signature to the list. Because voter ID is a state issue, a referendum on Wauwatosa's ballot would not be binding. It would be an advisory measure, but supporters say its passage would send a strong message to state lawmakers.

The drive is being led by Alderwoman Jacqueline Jay, who said she has received about 100 signatures so far and had heard from numerous others who want to add their name to the list of supporters. Setting up a spot at the bar where people can stop in and sign petitions makes the collection more convenient than going door to door, she said

Some of those people who have contacted her also have also become involved in the petition drive, she said. Organizers need to collect more than 3,600 signatures by the end of the month to get the measure on the April ballot.

"After the drive at Leff's, we'll have a better idea of how much more work we need to do," she said.

In July, Jay brought up the idea of holding an advisory referendum on whether voters should show their IDs at the polls, and the city attorney drafted a question to pose to voters. But the council, on a tie vote broken by Mayor Jill Didier, decided not to take any action on the issue.


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