Problems from snow storm not as bad as expected

Dec. 9, 2009

The winter storm that was expected to drop heaps of snow on the city Tuesday night did not cause as many problems as expected locally, according to city staff.

"It's been fairly quiet," said Wauwatosa police Lt. Dominic Leone today. "It appears people are driving reasonably for the conditions."

Officers have been assisting motorists who have gotten stuck in the snow, but only one traffic accident came in since 6 a.m. Wednesday.

The Fire Department did not receive any reports of injuries, but 43 storm-related calls came in, mostly for downed power lines and fallen trees.

Emergency medical service personnel did assist one resident who had a home power outage that affected his oxygen system, Deputy Fire Chief Jim Case said.

Public Works officials are asking residents to put their recycling carts on the curb on the normal collection day and leave it out until Waste Management can make pick ups. Waste Management will not do any collections today, so all pick-ups will be delayed as the route drivers try to catch up.

Even though Milwaukee County did not see as much snowfall as other areas of the state, Wauwatosa has declared a snow emergency. Until 7 a.m. Thursday, cars are prohibited from parking on any street.


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