Facebook user threatens Wauwatosa students

Feb. 2, 2010

A Facebook user who threatened Wauwatosa high school students Sunday is believed to live out of state and is “not in a position to carry out the threats,” according to a statement issued Tuesday by Wauwatosa police.


The user went by the name “Wauwatosa bug” and friended several students before posting obscene comments and threats on the social media Web site, according to WauwatosaNOW.com, which posted a story about the incident Tuesday morning.


Two parents called police Sunday evening to report their daughters had received friend requests from “Wauwatosa bug,” WauwatosaNOW.com reported. One girl had denied the request, which gives parties access to each other’s sites on Facebook, while the other accepted because she saw about 70 fellow students had already done so.


In both cases, “Wauwatosa bug” posted obscene, sexual and racist comments about the students, and posted threats about coming into Wauwatosa schools and creating a “blood bath,” WauwatosaNOW.com reported.


The threats have since been removed from Facebook, according to the police statement. The incident is under investigation.


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