'Wauwatosa bug' believed to have harassed students twice in past

Feb. 5, 2010

The 14-year-old boy behind the recent Facebook threats to both Wauwatosa high schools has inappropriately used technology on at least two prior occasions, according to Wauwatosa police.

According to police:

In December, the boy pretended to be a female on Facebook. He enticed a freshman boy to send nude photos, which he in turn posted on the social media site under a sexually suggestive user name. The boy sent out numerous requests to students to check out his page and the photos.

Also, in December, police investigated obscene calls and text messages that were made to a female student and her family members from the boy's cell phone. Many of those messages were phrased similarly to ones posted by the "Wauwatosa bug."

In the most recent case, the boy is accused of posting racist and sexual comments and threats to Wauwatosa West and Wauwatosa East high schools on Facebook, using the screen name "Wauwatosa bug."

The boy is a former Wauwatosa West High School student and now lives in San Diego, where law enforcement officers are investigating the Facebook threats.


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