Target employee charged with stealing $7,600 in electronics

March 2, 2010

A Target employee who had aspirations of working in loss prevention is accused of taking more than $7,600 in merchandise from the store in the past month.

Ivory Morehouse, 20, of Milwaukee, has been charged with felony theft for taking a total of six digital media players, five televisions and two laptop computers.

According to Wauwatosa police:

Morehouse had been approached by customers to allow them to pay for merchandise with fake checks and in turn they would pay him a portion of what they could sell the good for on the street. He didn't go along with the plan, but he did take one person's phone number.

A week later, he ran into that person at a grocery store and they agreed to meet up the next day in Milwaukee. Morehouse said he had hoped to help take this guy down and get a promotion to a loss prevention position.

His plans went awry when the customer met Morehouse and displayed a gun, then threatened Morehouse by telling him that he had to steal merchandise for him.

Between Feb. 9 and 23, Morehouse removed digital media players from locked cases and concealed them in his clothes, and wheeled carts of televisions and computers to waiting vehicles.


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