Woman causes scene after long wait in Aldi parking lot

March 9, 2010

If angry drivers on the highway experience road rage, a 54-year-old Milwaukee woman's arrest for disorderly conduct can only be blamed on parking petulance.

According to Wauwatosa police:

The woman was circling the parking lot at Aldi, 12120 W. Burleigh St., looking for a space close to the store entrance. She followed a woman who was returning to vehicle and waited for the car to back out.

Although she did not say how much time had passed, she believed the shopper was taking a long time to leave just to irritate her.

So the woman parked in a different spot and walked to the shopper's car to confront her. She called the other lady a "spoiled brat" and yelled at her about being selfish.

The shopper said she was loading her car and strapping her daughter into her car seat, and was not trying to be rude. When the woman started crying and growing angrier by the minute, the shopper reached into her car and threw a cup of her child's juice to get the woman to back off.

When officers arrived, the woman was argumentative and emotional. She blamed low blood sugar and moodiness for the acting out.

A background check showed she had a prior run-in in the Kmart parking lot.


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